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Art-Photography Classes
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MassArt College of Art and Design offers some of the best art courses for kids.  Classes are taught by graduating students and offer some of the best art and photography I have ever seen.  Kids are in the college
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4th of July is this weekend and there's still time to practice these tips to take great photos of fireworks for your photo albums, scrapbooks, or online blogs.  Even if your not a technical person, don't be shy
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A year ago, I bought a SLR Canon Camera, a nice upgrade from my previous camera. The first photos I took were from my youngest daughter at her swim lesson: the photos were very average: too much blue and too much light combined
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You and your kids can have hours of fun composing and sending emails with the wonderful stationary function of iPhoto and Mac Mail. Mac Mail comes as part of Apple's OSX operating systems and iPhoto can be downloaded
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Editing photos in iPhoto is a learning experience and you can make this a fun project or projects for your children. The software requires a Apple computer with the OSX operating system. If you already have a Mac, it is likely
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With the development of digital photography upon us in the last few years, just about every child wants to have their own camera, whether it is part of a cell phone or a dedicated digital camera, this can be much more than
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Assuming that you have a digital camera selected or purchased for your child already, you can begin to instruct them on the art of photography and treat the digital camera as a tool and not a toy. Many kids just want a camera
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