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Discipline & Behavior
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New, stay at home moms or dads will find that late afternoon until children's bedtime will be the most challenging hours of the day. These hours are often packed with routines (meal, bath, and bed) at a time when children
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"Raising teens can be soooo exhausting!"  I have heard so many parents make comments similar to these, but yet I just have not had any real problems with my teens.  My oldest son is now 21 and my youngest son is
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I bought this book for a friend of mine who is dealing with her son's separation anxiety.  The main character of this book is afraid to leave his Mommy and start school and this is written from the child's
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It’s one of the hardest things parents deal with: even if you’re trying to raise teenagers the right way, as soon as he walks out the door, you know he’s going to be exposed to all sorts of negative—even
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Does your teen seem completely unmotivated and lazy? For parents of teens, the refrains of, “Whatever,” and “I don’t care,” can become all too familiar. This week, Josh Shipp explains where
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Anger is a part of life just as much as happiness, fear and excitement.  Yet, we sometimes find that anger is so much more diffiult to deal with.  Rather than send your child the message that anger is "bad"
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In our family of eight we were constantly chasing the hair brushs, and the remote control.  Every morning getting ready for school the parents faced the daily mantra of who took the hair brush out of the bathroom? Or
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