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Save Money on Ground Beef
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I read this tip in my money-savers email newsletter and thought you'd like it (don't worry- I have permission to reprint it):

Make It Lean
I like very lean ground beef, but higher fat ground beef at
less than $1 a pound is better for my budget. Of course, I
follow the trick that I have learned of cooking the meat and
then rinsing it with hot water. I got to thinking of the
nutrients that may be lost by this method and started putting
the rinsing liquid into a glass container and refrigerating it
overnight. The next day the solid sheet of fat lifts off
easily and I am left with tasty beef broth, which makes a
great base for soup.
Sharon in Houston, TX

Resource_Mom Oct 27, 2010
Hmm gonna have to try this....have you also posted a tip about the moneysaving newsletter you referenced? Just wondering about that.....
pholdermomof3 Dec 6, 2007
I like very lean beef too! I cant go any lower than 80/20 but I prefer 90/10. It is so hard to chew if I go any lower.
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