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Reading Booklets for Young Readers Featuring Sight Words
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Finding new and exciting books that promote reading development is a never ending task for most eager parents of young children. The Hubbards Cupboard website promotes both literacy and family involvement while providing cute little printable booklets that parent and child can create together (cutting/assembling) and then share/read together. Since my child is in a dual language program, I especially appreciate the booklets that are in spanish as well. The booklets are organized around various themes and each one promotes a different "high frequency" word. These are great little printables for summer time! There are also teacher versions that can be shared with your child's teacher.

Brittan F. Apr 10, 2010
I was just looking for a worksheet
Candace M. Nov 23, 2009
I think this stinks when it says free and easy to find is just dumb .I need reading work sheets and reading comprehensionsheet I don't have the time to go from site to site , Candy, Columbus, Ohio
Lorraine T. Nov 11, 2009
I am looking for printables on the day of the week and telling time to the hour for kindergarten. Also, calendar activities would be nice to have. I have utilized the resource booklets and the sight words to reinforce with my 5 year old granddaughter. Her mom is overseas at war and we are working hard so when she comes home she will be proud!
Resource_Mom Sep 15, 2009 should be fixed now!! Sorry folks! Thanks to all who alerted me of the problem!!
Karen L. Sep 12, 2009
The link did not work for me. When I clicked on booklets it went right to it. These are nice short readers. Good for my 6 year old.
Ginanikol N. Aug 1, 2009
Thank u so much sight words were great, can u believe my (kinder) class did great this year 85% of my class is fluently reading @ a 3rd grade level w/ 3rd grade comprehension ur web site is great! GinaNikol*Texas
YumaMamaLama Jul 19, 2009
I found the Hubbard's Cupboard site kind of hard to navigate, so I'm really glad you included the second link to the little booklets.
Amy V. Jul 16, 2009
I am looking for 1st grade site words that I can print out and review with my son.
Penny W. Jul 2, 2009
The link says worksheets, yet I cannot find any "worksheets"?????????????
Betsa N. Jun 25, 2009
I'm looking for worksheets only.
Dawn L. Jun 19, 2009
I am looking for reading comprehension worksheets only. Please help me.
Sandra Q. Jun 16, 2009
I am looking for sight word to use as homework for the summer.
Kelly Y. Jun 15, 2009
I'm looking for printable sight words i can make into flash cards?
Resource_Mom Jun 13, 2009
Just to clarify ...this site is for printable BOOKLETS....the tiny books are for exposing your child to high frequency words through short stories that you and your child can read together. At least this is how we use the site......
Barbara G. Jun 12, 2009
I too, felt misled by this website. I would like the practice worksheets for my second grader in the areas of math and langauge.
Brigette R. Jun 11, 2009
I am looking for worksheets only -
Sara O. Jun 3, 2009
You do not have what i am looking for what i am looking for are school worksheets
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