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Road Trip Tips When Traveling with Kids

If you have an up-coming road trip planned with children in tow, there are some things you can do to make the trip go a lot smoother and ensure that everyone has a good time!

  • Bring books for your child to look through and read.
  • Pack a few small hand-held toys that your little one enjoys playing with.
  • Take some coloring or activity books with a box of crayons.
  • Pack a few healthy snacks and some water bottles to avoid crankiness.
  • Bring along some children's music CD's to listen to and sing along with as a family.
  • If it will be a long drive, consider leaving at bedtime so your child can sleep the majority of the trip.
  • If it is a day trip, plan on leaving around the time that your child normally naps.
  • Don't forget her favorite stuffed animal or blanket to cuddle with in the car.
  • Give yourself extra time and plan for frequent stops to use the potty and for letting them get out and stretch.
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