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Parent Guide to MySpace and FaceBook - Basic Principles...

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Worried about what your kids are doing online, especially with social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook? Here are some guiding principles from a recent article published in PC Magazine online.

  1. Don't assume you know what they are doing, many have multiple profiles online, not just the one they show to you
  2. Don't assume they don't know about these websites no matter what their age is
  3. They are technologically smarter than you especially when it comes to posting images of themselves online
  4. They won't always tell you the truth about what they are doing online
  5. Move the computer to a central location in your home
  6. Install parental control software
  7. Create your own account on MySpace or Facebook and demonstrate correct behavior online

To read the whole article go to,2704,2321587,00.asp

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