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Printable Car Bingo Games on Mom's Minivan


Check out these cute bingo games for the kids (and bored adults) on those long summer car rides.  There are four cards for roadside items like signs and animals, and four cards for different types of vehicles.  They have pictures, not words, so it's perfect for younger children who aren't reading yet.  This website also has other fun travel games like a printable car scavenger hunt list and a license plate game, all great for car rides.

Jackeryia E.
Hey i need help in all of my assaiments nut mostely in my math
This is a VERY cute & helpful site! You parents with swabbling sibblings... this site is a must for going on trips!
THANK YOU! We're driving to Disneyworld from Boston and need a lot to keep everyone from going nuts!!
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