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Traveling with Your Multi-Generational Family

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Here's a great article from the Boston Globe about traveling with your family. 

All Inclusive:  "A family trip involving several generations can lead to precious memories - if you can organize one without killing your relatives first. Here are some pointers from a pro".

The article highlights ways to keep trips running smoothly for kids, parents and grandparents alike.  How to choose your destination, how to make group decisions, and how to keep the peace.  Apparently more and more families are traveling together for either destination reunions or just fun family trips together.

This is a good read - especially if you are considering an upcoming trip with your extended family. 

Liz H.
If you are traveling at least 1 person of 65, check out the senior pass for the national parks. Lifetime passes cost $10 and admit up to 4 adults free. Children under 16 are generally free as well. This can save a small fortune if you plan on visiting any national parks during your vacation.
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