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+13 Interactive Way to Teach Kids to Spell...

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Spelling City

I found Spelling City a couple of years back and it has been a lifesaver in trying to teach my  boys to spell.

Spelling City is a free  online spelling program that can really help. Many school districts are now on board and you can use it with your current spelling curriculum or use the lists on the site.  Two of my son’s teachers use it and preload the spelling lists. If you are looking to supplement work over the summer they have a lot of preloaded lists by grade level.   They have 15 games that you can use to reinforce the words from audio word match to a hangman type of game.  They can even practice handwriting the weekly spelling words as well.

All my children took to this right away. They are going through the spelling lists at a much faster rate, without much interaction from me. Once tests or written work is complete you can create a pdf and save the work for your records.

Madhu S.
I too agree with that .
Kathy A.
We homeschool and use this site for spelling, handwriting, and vocabulary practice. It is a fun alternative to the usual drills and worksheets. Highly recommend!
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